Q: How long is processing? 

A: Processing is 1-3 business days before your shipment confirmation is sent. 


Q: Can I change or cancel my order? 

A: Due to processing and to ensure fast shipment, unfortunately we are unable to edit or cancel orders once confirmed. 


Q: How can I track my package? 

A: You can log into your account and view order status in your order history however tracking information is sent via email once your order is shipped. 


Q: Why isn't my coupon code working? 

A: If there's a discount applied already, another cannot be added or combined. If you aren't combining codes, please check the expiration date and requirements of the coupon code. 


Q: Why is my order being held? 

A:  In the moment, that your order is high risk or billing and shipping details are different your order may be held for additional billing information.